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Children’s Dentistry

Welcome to CNS Dental, where our passion is crafting healthy, happy smiles for the youngest members of your family. Located in Arlington, VA, Dr. Cara Schantz and our warm, friendly team specialize in children’s dentistry that combines expertise with a gentle touch, because we believe every child deserves the best start in their dental health journey.

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We Love Working with Children

It’s a joy to see the world through the eyes of a child, especially when it comes to exploring the wonders of dental care. Our office is designed to be a child-friendly zone where little ones can feel safe and at ease.

We offer interactive and engaging dental education to help give your kids a headstart on their dental hygiene. By helping them feel comfortable with our friendly chair-side manner, your kids will be ready to take the floss and toothbrush into their own hands.

From the moment your family walks through our doors, we aim to make you feel at home and your kids excited about their dental care.

Cleanings & Exams

Regular cleanings and exams are the cornerstone of any good dental routine, especially for growing kids. We’ll give them a thorough yet gentle teeth cleaning, as well as a comprehensive dental exam to monitor development. This will help us catch any potential issues that may appear in the future, giving your kids a higher chance of keeping their smiles healthy and strong.

In our checkups, we’ll give guidance on brushing and flossing techniques tailored for your kids. We’re here to start guiding early, ensuring your child’s smile stays bright and healthy.

Filling Cavities with Care

Should your child need a filling, rest assured they’re in the best hands. We use the latest techniques to ensure the process is as comfortable and swift as possible:

  • Tooth-colored fillings for a natural look
  • Pain management options for sensitive little ones
  • Quick and effective treatment to minimize chair time

We understand that getting a filling can be a big deal for a child, and we’re here to make it as easy as pie.

Should Kids Get Fillings in Their Baby Teeth?

If you’re concerned about a cavity in your child’s baby tooth, let us know! There are many things to consider when it comes to filling baby teeth, and we can guide you. If your child still has a long way to go before losing that baby tooth, you’ll want that cavity cleaned out and filled before the decay climbs to the permanent tooth below it.

Orthodontic Screenings

As your child grows, their dental needs evolve. That’s why we include orthodontic screenings as part of our comprehensive care. This allows us to detect potential alignment issues early, and then give you guidance on how to proceed so that your kids get optimal results.

We may refer you to trusted orthodontic partners, if necessary. For most of our young patients, we’ll teach them preventative strategies to minimize future orthodontic work. Our proactive approach aims to set your child up for a lifetime of smiles.

Emergency Dental Care for Kids

Life is unpredictable, and kids are active! If your child faces a dental emergency, we’re equipped to provide immediate care:

  • Same-day appointments for urgent needs
  • Expertise in handling common pediatric dental emergencies
  • Reassurance and rapid treatment to alleviate discomfort

Your child’s comfort and safety are our top priority, in and out of emergency situations.

Call Today to Schedule an Appointment

We’re eager to welcome your family into our dental home. Scheduling an appointment is as easy as picking up the phone!

Reach out to us at (703) 304-3881 to book your child’s next dental adventure. At CNS Dental, we’re not just caring for teeth, we’re nurturing the next generation of bright smiles. Whether you’re from Arlington, VA, or the surrounding areas, Dr. Cara Schantz and our team are here to provide the outstanding dental care your family deserves. Your child’s smile is our masterpiece!

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