Straight, sparkling teeth can move mountains and sometimes proper teeth brushing isn’t enough to give you the smile you deserve. If you’re facing the loss of more than a few teeth, visions of getting that dazzling smile may seem like a pipedream. Fortunately, mouth restoration has come a long way since the days of your grandmother’s clunky dentures.

“Teeth in a Day” Make it Easy to Smile Again

Fixed hybrid dentures – also often called “teeth in a day,” implant dentures, or fixed implant dentures – are one of the newest and most innovative tooth replacement options that dental practitioners use for full mouth restorations.

These implants will reshape your face, boost your confidence, and allow you the comfort you need to flash that gorgeous smile to the world. Whether you’re preparing for a procedure or doing research, we answer the most frequently asked questions regarding dental implants.

What are Fixed Dentures?

Fixed implant dentures are a full set of permanent teeth that replace an entire upper or lower set of existing teeth with just four sets of implants.

Who is a Good Candidate for Hybrid Implant Dentures?

These implants are right for you if you lost a full set of teeth for any reason, don’t have the bone density to support a single implant restoration, or if you have teeth that cannot be restored. Because fixed hybrid dentures are permanent, they are ideal for those who want a more comfortable, convenient, and natural-looking alternative to dentures.

What’s Better About Implant Dentures?

Traditional dentures are custom-made to fit over gums and stay in place with suction or dental adhesive. They must be removed for cleaning and refitted/replaced about every five years. Fixed hybrid dentures are fixed in place and mimic your natural teeth in function, comfort, and appearance. No loose teeth slipping out of place during that work presentation or family function!

Fixed Hybrid Dentures vs. Regular Denture Implants

Patients who don’t want dentures traditionally have a full set of teeth replaced via a combination of single-tooth implants and implant-supported bridges. With a single implant, the dentist inserts a small titanium screw inside the jawbone to replace the root-part of a missing tooth. Once that implant is in place, a crown is attached to result in a functional prosthetic tooth. Dental bridges usually require 8-10 implants per jaw to replace all teeth.

With an implant supported denture procedure, teeth aren’t replaced individually. Your dentist inserts four titanium posts into the jawbone that serve as the main anchors for a permanent denture inserted in those quadrants, creating a seamless look. While both procedures involve drilling sockets into the jaw bone, getting fixed hybrid dentures requires fewer implants, making the process more comfortable, quicker, and less expensive for the patient.

Do Patients Ever Experience Dental Implant Problems?

While it’s rare, people do sometimes experience problems with their implants. Most commonly, people report issues with spitting or hissing while speaking. However, we find that after an adjustment period this ultimately dissipates as the patient gets more comfortable with their new smile. Additionally, if one implant fails, patients can experience issues with the entire jaw. Although it’s important to be aware of these potential problems, they are unlikely when the procedure is performed by highly trained dental professionals, like CNS Dental.

Do Fixed Hybrid Dental Implants Hurt? What is the Recovery Time?

One of the major benefits of implant dentures is they can be implanted and fitted in a day. Traditional implant procedures can take three to eight months to complete and recover from. Conversely, implant dentures fuse to the jawbone more easily which promotes more stability and faster recovery. Patients typically will experience some swelling, bleeding, and bruising in the days post-surgery but discomfort is relatively low compared to other dental implants.

How Do I Care for My New Permanent Dentures?

Before getting your new implants, your dental team will review specific oral hygiene instructions, which typically involve cleaning the site post-surgery by gently rinsing with salt water. After that, it’s business as usual – brush and floss daily, get regular cleanings, and be sure to schedule regular dental checkups.

How Long Do Fixed Hybrid Dentures Last?

Implant dentures are designed as a permanent mouth restoration option and can last over 20 years with proper care.

What Do Fixed Hybrid Dentures Cost?

Since permanent dentures require fewer implants in the jaw than traditional methods, the procedure costs less than a full set of dental implants. Total cost will depend upon the implant material chosen, the number of teeth needed, and whether you have dental coverage. Acrylic or composite implants can range in price from $20,000 to $30,000, while porcelain implants can range $25,000 to $35,000. At CNS, we offer numerous ways to help you pay for your procedure including insurance & financing options.

Where Can I Get Hybrid Implant Dentures in Arlington, VA?

If you’re considering fixed hybrid dentures, our team at CNS Dental can make the entire treatment experience as smooth as possible. Contact CNS Dental at (703) 304-3881 to schedule a consultation and see if these permanent dentures are right for you!