If you loathe the idea of wearing a mouth full of metal to fix a less-than-perfect smile, breathe easy. Invisalign® technology has changed the way we approach cosmetic dentistry, making it simpler and more comfortable for teens and adults to correct misaligned teeth.

Getting straighter teeth isn’t just a vanity thing. Invisalign® is effective in correcting crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites, open bites, and crowded teeth. When your teeth are crowded or overlapping, you risk plaque and tartar accumulation, which leads to gum disease. Bottom line: straighter teeth will give you a brilliant smile, and help you chew, eat, and speak with more confidence.

Here’s what you need to know about the Invisalign system:

  1. Invisalign® is an orthodontic procedure used for fixing misaligned or crooked teeth. Unlike traditional metal or clear braces, Invisalign® straightens your teeth without wires and brackets.
  2. Invisalign® uses a series of clear, customized appliances called “aligners” that move your teeth in a series of small steps until the final desired position is reached. Each aligner is precisely calculated and made to fit your mouth at specific stages of your treatment plan.
  3. Most people won’t even know you’re working on straightening your teeth since the brackets that Invisalign® aligners attach to your teeth are clear. The aligners themselves are also clear, making the entire system virtually undetectable in your mouth.
  4. Invisalign® aligners are more comfortable than traditional braces, since they aren’t reliant on bands, screws or metal rods. And you won’t deal with all that food and plaque that often collects in the wires and brackets of traditional braces.
  5. Before starting Invisalign® treatment, your dentist will assess the “big picture” by taking photos and impressions of your teeth using an impression putty or a digital scanner.
  6. Invisalign® appliances are made outside of the CNS dental office. Your dentist will work with Invisalign® technicians to develop a treatment plan, sending precise instructions to make finely calibrated aligners—and they’ll show you what you can expect your teeth to look like at the end of treatment.
  7. Each Invisalign® aligner is worn for about two weeks, only removed when you need to eat, brush, and floss. As you finish with an aligner and move onto the next one, your teeth gradually will move into the right position, week by week, until the final alignment is achieved.
  8. How long you’ll wear Invisalign® depends upon the extent of the correction needed to get your teeth into the proper position. Some people use as few as 12 aligners, others 48. Most patients complete their treatment in 6-18 months.

Invisalign: Before and After Photos

Invisalign in Virginia

If you’re considering Invisalign®, CNS Dental, a Platinum Invisalign Provider, can make the entire treatment experience as smooth as possible. Learn more about how Invisalign works at invisalign.com or contact CNS Dental at (703) 304-3881 to schedule a consultation and see if Invisalign is right for you!