Your big day is coming up. Whether you’re having an outdoor wedding at an old barn in the countryside outside of Northern VA, or an indoor one on the scenic “Top of the Town” venue overlooking DC landmarks; you want to look your best for pictures that will be memorialized and shared for years to come.

You may have tried every natural method you could find in Northern VA/DC to whiten your teeth, yet with little result. The day is getting closer, temperatures are getting hotter, and your teeth aren’t getting any whiter. Whether you’re the bride, the groom, or the plus one, here are some tips and tricks to be proud of your smile on the wedding day and year round!

Why Do Teeth Become Darker?

Understanding possible culprits of why your teeth darken over time is important. Consulting with your dentist is always a great first step, as they can make sure there are no underlying causes such as build up of plaque, gum disease, cavities, or an infection. A dentist in the Northern VA/DC area can also give further advice on the best way to whiten your teeth specific to your oral make-up and sensitivities. A few common reasons teeth no longer keep their smooth ivory look include but are not limited to the following:

What you Eat – Foods, especially acidic foods, weaken the enamel. Wait awhile after eating acidic foods before brushing your teeth to avoid damaging the weakened enamel.  Eating a diet high in processed foods and sugars can further taint white teeth. Dark liquids such as tea, coffee, soda, and red wine can stain and darken teeth over time.
Genetics – Each person inherits certain traits that can affect both the health, alignment, and shade of his or her teeth.
Aging – It’s natural for enamel to begin to break down over time leaving less protection on your teeth against acids that may be part of your everyday diet.

Other factors that can cause teeth to darken over time may be from smoking, excessive fluoride intake, antibiotics, certain medications, or not brushing and flossing regularly.

Simple Tips for Whiter Teeth

Searching the web, it is easy to find natural methods for teeth whitening. Yet, these natural methods often yield little results and take a long time. While “natural” teeth whitening methods may sound like a healthy route, these efforts can backfire and cause unwanted erosion of the enamel if not done correctly. Here are some basic go-to steps to keep your teeth healthy. These can be done before or while pursuing a more rigorous teeth whitening process either at home or with your dentist in the Northern Virginia and DC metro area.

Eating Well – Try cutting down on the amount of processed and sugary foods you consume. Every step counts and will impact your oral health and looks. Celery, apples, strawberries, seeds and nuts support healthy teeth (just include as part of your diet, don’t brush on your teeth!)
Rinse or Brush Often – Drinking dark liquids such as tea, coffee, soda, or red wine can stain and darken teeth over time. Smoking, as well, can stain teeth. If these habits are part of your daily routine, make sure to brush and rinse directly after.
Regular Dentist Visits – Keep up with regular checkups and dentist cleanings to keep plaque to a minimum and your oral health in check.
Stay Hydrated – Summertime in Northern VA/DC can get sticky and hot. Staying hydrated will not only keep you from getting heat stroke, it will also help maintain healthy saliva levels in your mouth that work to neutralize acids that cause tooth decay.

Time for Professional Teeth Whitening

Even with the best of efforts and eating healthy, teeth will darken or yellow over time. Always visit your dentist before choosing a teeth whitening regime. There may be underlying problems or an infection that the dentist can point out. A good cleaning is the first step to whiter teeth. Professionally removing excess plaque might make your teeth start to look whiter already! They can also advise on which teeth whitening products to avoid, which ones will be most effective for your teeth, or even offer you one they highly recommend. Find a dentist that you feel comfortable with to work with you to get the results you desire.

Damage to teeth enamel and darkening of teeth can happen even if you take good care of your teeth by brushing and flossing every day. Finding a professional teeth whitening dentist in Northern VA/DC area to help you with the tooth whitening process will ensure your teeth are healthy and achieve results without you having to stress.

Find Teeth Whitening Dental Services in Northern Virginia and DC!

CNS Dental, located in the heart of Arlington on S. Glebe Rd., offers in office teeth whitening and take-home teeth whitening kits. CNS Dental has experience in providing professional teeth whitening services in Northern VA/DC that show results. From heavily stained to just a mild whitening, we know how to make those pearly whites shine again. Don’t be shy of your beautiful smile or investing in it! Contact CNS Dental today to discover what teeth whitening options will work best for you.

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