Looking to improve your smile, but not sure the best approach? More often than not, many adults think that it’s too late to straighten their teeth, that the time has passed for braces.  Invisalign may seem too good to be true, but there are many benefits to clear braces you may not have considered. As the latest option for straighter teeth, Invisalign works well with modern day technology so you can expect greater accuracy and a better experience throughout the whole process.

Offering our patients the best in Invisalign in the Northern VA/DC Metro area, we have listened to our clients over the years tell us why they’re glad they chose Invisalign. Here are a few of the most common reasons we’ve heard over and over again why our patients love Invisalign invisible braces!

Eat What and When You Want!

Ask anyone who has had braces and they will tell you how much they missed eating popcorn, gum, nuts, or chewy food. Or, you might hear horror stories of how they ignored the warnings and ate what they wanted anyway only to end up popping a wire and cutting the inside of their cheek.  With traditional braces, brushing after you eat is a chore and can take a long time, requiring special tools to thread floss over each wire. On top of that, food easily gets stuck in the metal wires while you’re eating. If you’re not diligent about brushing thoroughly between meals, it’s possible brown spots will be form but won’t become visible until after the metal braces are removed.

With Invisalign you don’t have to worry about avoiding any of the foods you love because the clear aligner is removable. When you want to eat, simply remove the invisible aligner and put it in your case. After you eat, brush your teeth and put the Invisalign aligner back in – done! You can eat and brush the same way you always do. Luckily, with Invisalign you don’t have to risk your teeth yellowing from not being able to reach certain spots because the Invisalign braces are removable.

Comfort is the Best

Who doesn’t love being comfortable? Metal brackets in your mouth can cause pain and cuts if pushed or rubbed the wrong way against the sensitive soft tissue in your mouth.  In summary, they feel horrible! If the wire is not cut just right way it can poke in the back of your mouth. Countless cuts and incidents have been reported from metal braces. There is even wax offered to help cover the sharp edges, but it can create bulk and a bad taste in the mouth.

With Invisalign, all those horror stories are whispers of the past. Our Invisalign dentists serving Northern VA/DC use iTero intraoral scanning technology to ensure a snug comfortable fit that will gradually move the teeth to their desired position. Some people claim they forget they are even wearing their Invisalign aligner. The smooth, flexible plastic is FDA-approved and contains no BPA, BPS, latex, or gluten.

Reflect Who You Are

We all want to look our best. Invisalign services gives teens and professional adults throughout Northern VA and DC a chance to straighten their teeth subtly. As you go through life, there are always important events along the way such as a graduation, wedding, family photoshoots, or important business meetings. Remember those moments with your true smile, not one covered with metal brackets.

The best part about Northern Virginia Invisalign services is that they aren’t noticeable. Many busy professionals in the Northern VA/DC area who choose Invisalign services know they want to make a good first impression wherever they go. Feeling confident and looking your best in these moments are important. Invisalign offers this solution to showcase your beautiful teeth while they are transforming to your ideal smile!

Find Invisalign Services in Northern VA/DC You Can Trust!

With CNS Dental Invisalign dentists, you can expect only the best in quality and care. Using iTero intraoral scanning technology, our patients can see the results of their checkups almost immediately. Our Invisalign dentists serving Arlington, Northern VA, and the whole DC metro area make the Invisalign process as comfortable and seamless as possible.

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