Searching for the quickest and most accurate teeth whitening tool? Tired of trying products and waiting around for promising results? It may get exhausting trying several over-the-counter and home remedies waiting for the desired outcome. Get ready this summer by resolving the issue and trying professional teeth whitening at CNS Dental in Arlington, VA.

Smoking and caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea, and soda, all have the ability to deteriorate the main shield found in teeth that cause stains and discoloration. Getting your teeth professionally cleaned is the best way to combat discoloration, as our experts will assess the damage and ensure that appropriate measures are taken.

At CNS Dental, we understand the importance of delivering quality professional teeth whitening services and ensure the best results. That is why our team would like to share the top benefits of professional teeth whitening.

  1. Quick and Easy

Other maintenance products require consistency by scheduling routines that fit into your daily life in order for it to effectively work. It’s also unpredictable as the whitening process can range from weeks to months or even years! Results can become delayed even further as it’s up to your habits and manageability to put the consistent time and effort. CNS Dental uses the Zoom! Whitening system which produces instant results with just one to two visits depending on the case.

  1. Thorough Cleaning

Teeth whitening is a detailed process. A few over-the-counter remedies may partially clean and whiten sections of the teeth while others may not. Home remedies like baking soda toothpaste, organic powders, and whitening strips all are more maintenance-related products that help maintain the consistency and whiteness but delay a successful outcome. Trusting a certified cosmetic dentist with teeth whitening in Arlington, VA, ensures a promising pearly white smile.

  1. Completely harmless

Majority of over-the-counter products begin to cause damage within the gum tissue which develops teeth to become sensitive to certain foods and drinks. Thus, causing another problem to worry about. Sensitive teeth can become permanent or an easy fix, depending on how often these whitening remedies are being used.

  1. Full Control

The disadvantage of drugstore products is that whitening strips are one-size fits all and teeth whitening toothpaste both take time to see results. These drugstore products and home remedies don’t provide instant results and are challenging to control. If you’re looking for real results that you can control, we highly recommended a professional whitening in Arlington, VA. With Zoom! Teeth Whitening, you get to decide the perfect shade you want, which can range from one to two shades brighter.

  1. Confidence

Stained or discolored yellow teeth can cause discomfort and potentially decrease your level of confidence. Professional teeth whitening can revive your smile with just one or two appointments, and you can avoid the trial and error that comes with drugstore products.

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Professional teeth whitening is worth the investment. Trust certified specialist who know what they’re doing when it comes to delivering quality dental services to the Northern Virginia region. At CNS Dental, our team is trained to their full potential and practice cosmetic, general, and emergency dental services. Take advantage this summer and book an appointment online, call (703)-304-3881, or email